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Grand Opening Giveaway! We're excited you're here to celebrate with us *No Purchase Necessary
Grand Opening Giveaway! We're excited you're here to celebrate with us *No Purchase Necessary

E-Jet Golf Chipping Practice Net, 3 pcs

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  • 3-in-1 Set - The golf chipping practice net comes with 3 different size allowing you to practice in varying distances and directions. Chip the ball in any strength and improve your accuracy by more practice!
  • Indoor & Outdoor - If you're looking for those capable for both indoor & outdoor practices, this golf chipping practice net will truly impress you by their flexibility. Grab a set of them before sold out!
  • Super Easy to Setup - Feeling bored at home and found nothing good to do? Simply take out the golf chipping practice net, set it up and start your instant practice anytime and anywhere you want!
  • Enjoy Family Time - The gift of golf is one of the greatest things a parent can share with a child. Set-up our golf chipping practice net in your backyard, play golf with your kids and have fun with them!
  • Lower Stress - Facing a lot of stress and feels like need something to relax? It's time to take out the net and start playing golf! Our golf chipping practice net is always here for you whenever you need it.


Tri-Great USA CORP. was launched 2014, young and full of energy, fresh while matured by owning a wealth of experience in sales and after-sales service team. We concentrate on selling the private brand "Net Playz" & “E-jet Sport” and license brand "Shaq.", “Sportcraft” & “UFC Force Tracker USA” through the booming worldwide internet platform. Continually improving our products to give our customers great value is one of the core traditions of Tri-Great. Our mission is to bring an active live to each individual and family. All sports start from the game. Let's play the game.

3-in-1 Set
1 set comes with 3 different size of net. The 3-in-1 design simulates the variety of range you actually see on the course, let you practice chipping by changing the golf chipping practice net in various distances and directions. Perfect for your practice and golf course.

Practice Indoor & Outdoor
You can now take your practice anywhere you want, not limited to specific hole on the ground anymore. The portable design allows you to move the golf chipping practice net effortlessly. Bring them to the park, or place them in your backyard at any position. You can even put them in your room, without any destruction on your floor, so that you could take your time to practice during your leisure or in the middle of your work.

Easy Assembly & Set-up
Our net is super easy to assemble and set-up. This golf chipping practice net is designed to pop-up in seconds, which is simple and straightforward. Just pop it up, place it anywhere that would help improving your skills, and start your instant chipping practice anytime you want!

Easy To Store
The nets are able to fold flat. The elastic bands are attached on the side that can hold the net tight when popping up for practice, and also keep the net from popping after breaking down for storage. The fold-flat design allows you to store it anywhere in your house, in your truck, your closet or even under your bad. Make use of any space of your place and take it out for practice anytime you need to.

Perfect for All level Golfers
Our golf chipping net is suitable for all level golfers. No matter you are golf beginners, or golfer who already play golf for some years and looking for more improvement, or professional golfer who just itched to have a go, our golf chipping net is definitely top choice for you.

Enjoy Family Time
Parents engagement meant a lot on children’s development. With our golf chipping practice net, you can show your kids how to play golf, teach them in person or even start a game and see who chip the most golf balls to the net! Create your own family memories with your kids and enjoy the family time!

No. 1 Pick to Relieve Stress
Exercise is one of the most important things you can do to combat stress. Golf reduces stress and increases mental capacity, creativity and ability to solve problems. Playing golf not only is great fun, but also offers a wide range of mental and physical benefits. When you’re facing a lot of stress on your work, just take out our golf chipping net and start practice!

Top Choice for Golf Lovers
It is portable, easy to set-up and fold, great for storage and capable for both indoor & outdoor use. Definitely the best golf chipping practice net for all golf lovers. You wouldn’t want to miss it!

Wisest Option for Party Game
Stuck at home and bored? An awesome game night at home can really help make the hours fly by. Here comes the best equipment to start a game and play with friends. Bet who chip the most balls into the net, race and see who have the highest score for accuracy. With our golf chipping net, you’ll never be bored. Let’s Party!

Struggling to find the best gift for your boyfriend/husband? If he’s a golf lover, then you’ve came to the right place. We might not know him personally, but we do know that our golf chipping net are bound to impress him. Gift him a set of our golf chipping net that he will actually use and love to use!

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Product Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 1.75 inches

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