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Grand Opening Giveaway! We're excited you're here to celebrate with us *No Purchase Necessary
Grand Opening Giveaway! We're excited you're here to celebrate with us *No Purchase Necessary

E-Jet Electronic Basketball Arcade Game, Dual Shot Portable

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  • Most Popular Game Of The Year - Here comes the hottest basketball arcade game of the year. The revolutionary design and awesome features would definitely impress you and your kids. Grab before they sold out!
  • Straightforward to Set Up - Designed as an easy and quick setup that allows you to set up the electronic basketball arcade game without wasting time and start your instant game anywhere you want. Have fun with your friends and family anytime!
  • Outperformed Sounds Effect - We also pay attention to the sounds effect of this basketball arcade game. Loud buzzers when you score would absolutely provide you incredible gaming experience.
  • Running Out of Space? Store It In Tight Place - Our basketball arcade game is able to fold into a size that is best for easy storage. You can hide the electronic basketball arcade game into the tight place of your home and take it out for fun anytime.
  • Make A Party Come Alive - Specially designed as portable that allows you to bring it with you anywhere. You can even put it into your small car truck and take it with you to a party which would definitely bring a party to life!


Hottest Basketball Game for Kids This Year
Introducing you, the E-Jet Games electronic basketball arcade game for Kids. Revolutionary foldable design that makes it possible to totally fold into a suitable size for storage, bring it with you anywhere for fun anytime. Easy and quick set up design lets you forget about all those messy traditional assemblies and lets your kids start their instant game safely at home or excitingly outdoors. Come get a set of our electronic basketball arcade game for your kids and surprise them this year!

Quality Is All That Matters
The basketball arcade game is specially built for kids. It is constructed with a 0.8mm thick steel tube which is definitely strong enough to withstand your kids' frequent shot. With the 4 well-made pieces of PVC 5 basketball and a pump included in one set, provide your kids a fantastic gaming experience with our high quality electronic basketball arcade game.

Super Easy Assembly Than Ever
The fully foldable design is what makes our electronic basketball arcade game so special. Unlike traditional basketball arcade game that are time consuming on assembly, it requires you much less time to assemble and super quick & easy to set up for instant game. The greatest thing is that you can totally fold down the electronic basketball arcade game effortlessly and zip them into the exclusive carrying bag provided, bring it to grandparents place while kids are staying overnight. It's even perfect for storage after having fun. This is definitely the most convenient electronic basketball arcade game for kids you've ever seen in the market.

Brilliant Audio And Light Effects
It comes with loud buzzers when your kids score that provides them with a great sense of accomplishment. An attractive beginning music also makes their game much more interesting. Brilliant audio effects of this basketball arcade game would undoubtedly take your kids gaming experience to a higher level.

Feel The Difference of Playing At Home
If staying at home is sometimes an unavoidable fact, why not have fun with your kids by playing this basketball arcade game safely inside home and enjoy the precious family time for a while? Our basketball arcade game is portable and allows you to easily move it around. You can move the electronic basketball arcade game back to your apartment instantly when drizzling, or take it back to your own backyard and let your kids have fun when sunshine is back. Not afraid of bad weather and continue your intense game without a pause, perfect for the entire family.

A Child's Smile Is The Heart of Heaven
Kids always find it boring when they come over to their grandparents' home? Bring along with this basketball arcade game! This basketball arcade game is much lighter than a traditional basketball arcade game. It is portable and provides so much fun for the kids. The perfect size for the little basketball fans aged 3-7 years old and is one of the kids favorite electronic basketball arcade game this year. This is the best gift for your grandson and totally worth it just for their smiles.

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