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Grand Opening Giveaway! We're excited you're here to celebrate with us *No Purchase Necessary
Grand Opening Giveaway! We're excited you're here to celebrate with us *No Purchase Necessary

E-Jet 3ft x 3ft Lacrosse Goals, Set of 2

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  • Exclusively 2-in-1 Set - Comes with 2 lacrosse goal in one set. Maximize your training method, the best equipment to invest this year.
  • Perfect Size For Practice - 38” x 38” x 38” is the perfect size for young lacrosse players to practice shooting at the smaller target.
  • Quality Construction - Featuring quality tetoron net and durable ABS frame, provides you the maximum convenience and quality.
  • Easy to Setup and Breakdown - This lacrosse goal is extremely easy to set up and start your game within 10 minutes. Unlike the others in the market, it is straightforward to break down and store away easily.
  • Sturdy and Stable - The lacrosse goal comes with 8 pieces of heavy duty U-shaped ground pegs that hold the lacrosse goal tight onto the ground. Further enhance the stability and sturdiness of the goal during your lacrosse practice.
  • Perfect for Backyard Play - Portable design allows you to move the lacrosse goal around to any location easily and effortlessly. You can place the goal in your own backyard and let your kids have fun safely at home.
  • Top Choice for Beginners - The size of this lacrosse goal is perfect for beginners on practicing lacrosse fundamental skills. It is easy to set up and portable designed, also great for storage. Absolutely top choice for beginners.


Deluxe Youth Lacrosse Goal
Comes with 2 lacrosse goal in 1 set. It is extremely easy to set-up, perfect for entry level lacrosse players and kids to practice their lacrosse fundamental skills. With a durable frame and solid construction, it is the ultimate choice for parents who want lacrosse goal.

Perfect Size for Practice
This lacrosse goal measures 38” X 38” X 38", a bit smaller than the official lacrosse goal but much lighter and portable to use. Perfect for putting it in your own backyard and have fun. Also suitable for lacrosse beginners to practice at home to improve their fundamental lacrosse skills.

Easy Set-up
Simply put on the net sleeve into the tubes, joint the tubes and insert the ground pegs to secure the goal. Super easy to set up allows you to start lacrosse practice instantly.

Well Made Goal Frame
The frame of the goal is surrounded by high quality sleeve, which increased the durability of the goal. The pole is 25mm thick which is strong enough to withstand your shooting during lacrosse game.

Durable Tetoron Net
The lacrosse goal is constructed with tetoron net which enhances the durability of the lacrosse goal. It is strong enough to adopt the shooting from your kids and avoid easy tearing.

Sturdy and Stable
The lacrosse goal is sturdy and stable enough for you to use. The ground pegs even more enhanced stability of the goal so that you don’t have to worry that suddenly strong wind would blow away the goal and ruin your day.

Perfect for Backyard Use
Featuring super easy set-up and break down allows you to start your game instantly anywhere. It is also possible to move around in your backyard effortlessly. Let your kids practice lacrosse safely at home during days not suitable to go outside. Maximize training method, 2 goals in 1 set allowing youth lacrosse players to practice in various ways. Perfect size for young lacrosse players to practice shooting at the smaller target. Combine with the overall features, the best lacrosse equipment to invest for all lacrosse players and lovers.

Additional Information

Product Dimensions: 38 x 38 x 38 inches
Product Weight: 4.03 Pounds

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