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Grand Opening Giveaway! We're excited you're here to celebrate with us *No Purchase Necessary
Grand Opening Giveaway! We're excited you're here to celebrate with us *No Purchase Necessary

E-Jet Pop-Up Golf Chipping Practice Net, Portable

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  • 3 Targets - The pop-up golf practice net comes with 3 targets which allows you to focus on the key areas of improvement, perfect for practicing distance and improving accuracy in your short games.
  • Instant Pop up - The pop-up golf practice net is super easy to set up that no tools are required, let you practice immediately at any time. Just pop up the net in seconds & practice chipping instantly!
  • Indoor & Outdoor - Our pop-up golf practice net is perfect for backyard and indoors practice. Ground pegs are also included to secure the net outdoors. Have a little break from your busy life and have fun anytime!
  • Easy to Store - Always find nowhere to store your sports equipment? Our pop-up golf practice net is easily foldable. Simply twist it into the carry bag & store it into your trunk, closet or even under your bed.
  • Have Fun with Friends & Family - Add our pop-up golf practice net to your shopping cart now, bring it home, quick set up the net, start a golf game and have fun with your friends and family.


Tri-Great USA CORP. was launched 2014, young and full of energy, fresh while matured by owning a wealth of experience in sales and after-sales service team. We concentrate on selling the private brand "Net Playz" & “E-jet Sport” and license brand "Shaq.", “Sportcraft” & “UFC Force Tracker USA” through the booming worldwide internet platform. Continually improving our products to give our customers great value is one of the core traditions of Tri-Great. Our mission is to bring an active live to each individual and family. All sports start from the game. Let's play the game.

Multiple Pockets Trainer
Multiple pockets allow you to practice chipping by challenging yourself with each shot. Our pop-up golf practice net provides you 3 targets to aim for, allowing you to practice direction and trajectory. Side catch slot is also designed to catch your missing shots so that you don’t have to worry about chasing every flying golf balls anymore.

Perfect for Indoor & Outdoor
The pop-up golf practice net is perfect for both indoor & outdoor practice. You can put it in your house during rainy days, or place it in your own backyard when the weather is fine. Owning a golf chipping net at home let you forget about driving far away to the course and help you save money and time!

Improving Your Accuracy
Practice makes perfect. Your accuracy in the short game is sure to take a step in the right direction. It’s possible to transform your game over the long run by focusing on accuracy as your top priority. Practice at home secretly and when you're ready, show off to your friends how accurate you can hit the target!

Fun & Effective Short Game Practice
If there’s one piece of advice for practicing golf, it’s spending more time on practicing your short game, than the driving range. It’s important to make short game practice fun, which is what our pop-up golf practice net is designed to do. Make practice fun, you can place it in your room, playing from different shots and improve your skills effectively!

Quick Setup
You can quick setup our pop-up golf practice net in minutes. Quick and efficient. Start your game instantly and never wasting time on assembly. Providing you the most convenient experience on practicing your chipping skills.

Easy To Store
Our pop-up golf practice net is easy to store. With the easily foldable features, you can fold the chipping net effortlessly and store it to anywhere you want, to your truck, closet or even under your bed. Take them out for practice when necessary, quick setup and start your practice anywhere anytime!

Top Choice for Golfers
Are you finding your game isn’t quite living up to the setting? Although it’s fun to impress your friends with a long drive off the tee. But if you are trying to improve your score, then you might need to work on the short game. Our golf chipping net is the top choice for all golf lovers wishing to take their golf game to the next level.

Best Gift for Golf Lovers
Searching for the best gift for the golfer who have everything? Nothing would bring him more joy than a new set of our golf chipping net! If golf is a consistent part of his lifestyle, he would appreciate getting a set of golf chipping net for daily practice to help improve his game.

Quality Family Time
Golf with your friends is an entertaining and challenging game. It is fun, and even more fun when you beat the competition, even if they’re family! It’s important to share golf with your family. To enjoy quality family time and this golf chipping net would definitely get your whole family off the couch and play golf together.

Golf is the sport you can play with your kids when you get older. Wouldn’t it be cool to have your kids witnessing your ace? Our golf net help kids have fun learning the lifelong game of golf and encourage parent-child interaction that builds lasting memories. For those who play and love golf, we know it’s more than just a game.

Additional Information

Product Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 1.5 inches
Product Weight: 1.23 Pounds

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